Tekwan and all its condiments. (Photo: Pempek Pakjo)

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – Generally, people only know “pempek” as the typical food from Palembang. However, there are many other Palembang specialty foods that are also worth trying. Either which will give you another experience of tasting the local foods. 

5 Top Pempek Like of Palembang

1. Tekwan

Just like pempek this food is made from a mixture of tapioca flour and fish meat. The mixture is then formed into small balls, simmered and served with a broth made from shrimp broth that has a savory taste. 

Complementary ingredients such as vermicelli noodles, mushrooms, jicama slices, and sprinkles of celery and fried shallots can also be found in a bowl of tekwan.

2. Model

Made from slotgacor889 the same dough as pempek kapal selam this dish differs in its filling. While the kapal selam typically has an egg filling, model has a tofu filling. 

In addition, model is usually served with shrimp broth, rice vermicelli, cucumber, and sprinkles of fried shallots as a complement. This Palembang specialty food is also very easy to find in restaurants or street vendors in Palembang.

3. Mie Celor

Mie celor is a noodle dish with a combination of coconut milk and dried shrimp broth. As a complement, this snack is usually served with sliced of boiled egg, bean sprouts, scallions, celery, and sprinkles of fried shallots. This soupy dish is best enjoyed when still warm, especially when the weather is cold.

4. Burgo

Burgo may still sound unfamiliar to most people. This soupy dish is made from rice flour and sago flour, served with a thick and savory broth. The dough is rolled like a pancake and then cut into small pieces when it is ready to be served.

5. Lenggang

This menu is quite similar to the iconic dish of Palembang because it consists of sliced pempek lenjer wrapped in egg and seasoning. This dish can be cooked by grilling it using banana leaves that have been shaped into a box or fried directly. In the serving process, lenggang will be mixed with vinegar sauce.(*)

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